Setup 6PM Friday night

We should be able to finish quickly if we get enough help:

* roll up the mats upstairs.
* carry the mats down.
* set up first aid and cleaning equipment.
* set up scoring tables.
* tape the mats together.
* mark the six wrestling mats.

2016 Season Kicks Off

We are looking forward to a new season and lots of excited little kids running around up in the room. Arrive early tonight for sign-up and shoe fitting. It will look like chaos, but it should also look like fun. The spaghetti dinner is on October 23rd, and that should also be a lot of fun.

Freestyle Season 2016 starts 3/21

We are The Pin City Vashon Island Wrestling Club, one of the two Pin City Clubs on the west side of the state. The other Pin City Club is in Lake Stevens. More information can be found at

Our practices will take place at Vashon High School beginning March 21st. Practices are Monday and Wednesday from 5:00pm to 6:30pm. (Middle school participants have the option to practice on Wednesday at 3:45pm – 5:00pm)

What you need to do:
1. Get a USA Card: (Remember to register under the Pin City Wrestling Club. )
2. Go to Scroll down the page until you see the registration information. Register there as a member of the club. Write in Vashon under the schools category.
3. Select the “payment offline” at the in the checkout section. Make payment at the first practice or discuss options with the coaches.
4. Pay the club fee. We are charging 50 dollars for the season. Youth and Middle School participants please make payments in cash or check to payable to Corey McIntyre.

NOTE 1: There are scholarship opportunities. PLEASE talk to us if money is an issue and we will make it work for you. Do not let finances get in the way of this great wrestling opportunity.

NOTE 2: This club fee is more than 1/3 cheaper than the other Pin City Clubs’ registration fees. (And they charge less than most clubs in our state, any sport.) See you at practice on Monday and/or Wednesday!

Anders Blomgren, Per-Lars Blomgren, Dave Chapman, and Corey McIntyre

Rockbusters at League

Vashon’s youth wrestling program, the Rockbusters, took three kids to the PCJWL League tournament. Two of those kids placed, one second and the other third. Practices continue for kids participating in the State Tournament: more information at the Washington State Wrestling site. Practices will be Monday and Wednesday from 5 – 6 at the high school wrestling room. The middle school kids will be practicing at the same time, so the Rockbusters are welcome to stay until 6:30 if they choose.

Divisions in Yelm

The Rockbusters are catching the 6:20 ferry from Tahlequah tomorrow morning. Only the best wrestlers in the Pierce County Junior Wrestling League are still competing. We will be at Yelm Middle School: 402 W Yelm Ave. Weigh-ins are from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM.

Rising Star in Kent, Saturday, 1/9

The Rising Star tournament is for first and second year wrestlers only. It is a fun tournament where the newer wrestlers get a chance to show off what they have learned during the season. All wrestlers get medals. This tournament is not covered by the Rockbusters club, so bring $15 as entry fee for your wrestler and $2 for individual parents or $5 for families.

The event takes place at Cedar Heights Middle School:
19646  se  272nd st  Covington Wa. 98042

Weigh ins are from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM and wrestling starts at 10:00 AM.