Monthly Archives: October 2019

Sign Up for Rockbusters on 10/24

Rockbusters will hold registration on 10/24 at the VHS Hall from 6PM to 8PM. Register your wrestler to participate and ask any questions that you may have. We will have a shoe bin for you to donate your old shoes or find new ones.

The big news this year is that we are joining a different league, the Eric White League. Don’t look them up because they do not have a web site. That is the kind of low-key, enjoyment oriented vibe that we are looking for. The changes to our club are as follows:

  • The season is shifted about three weeks later, starting the beginning of November and ending the beginning of February.
  • Fewer competitions. We used to have competitions every week and our new league will be more sparse in our competition schedule. This will give room for kids who want to attend other tournaments outside of our league.
  • We will compete against outside clubs on Thursdays for exactly two hours rather than all day on Saturdays, as was the case in the PCJWL.
  • Most of our competitions will be closer to home. We used to travel to such climes as Enumclaw and Yelm, but now most of our competitions will be in Tacoma, not far off the ferry.