Monthly Archives: October 2016

Setup 6PM Friday night

We should be able to finish quickly if we get enough help:

* roll up the mats upstairs.
* carry the mats down.
* set up first aid and cleaning equipment.
* set up scoring tables.
* tape the mats together.
* mark the six wrestling mats.

Annual Spaghetti Dinner, 5PM at the Sportsmen’s Club

The Spaghetti Dinner details include:
Who: All current and former Rockbusters and their families as well as VHS and community wrestlers and supporters
When: 5:00 PM on Sunday, October 23, 2016
Where: Sportsmen’s Club
Cost: $7 per individual or $25 for a family

Proceeds fund Vashon’s youth wrestling programs.

2016 Season Kicks Off

We are looking forward to a new season and lots of excited little kids running around up in the room. Arrive early tonight for sign-up and shoe fitting. It will look like chaos, but it should also look like fun. The spaghetti dinner is on October 23rd, and that should also be a lot of fun.